The "Ghost Buster" is a survival shooting game.

The game was made in 2 weeks.


Greetings, Mr. X.

The main goal of "Ghost Buster" is to kill as many enemies as possible, and get to Boss Enemy and defeat it to win the game.

"Trust me, that's not an easy task (I'm saying this based on experience)"

but I'm very confident you will be the one to defeat the boss monster and lead us to victory, so best of luck in your journey.

I hope it will be a fascinating play.

Best Wishes, Mr. X.

1960 East End, London.



  • "Arrow Keys" - Move
    • Up to move upwards
    • down to move downwards
    • left to move to the left side
    • right to move to the right side
  • "Left Mouse Button" - Attack
  • "Ctrl + R"  -  Reload



Types of enemies currently available in "Ghost Buster" are

  • Malee Enemy (Normal Soldier).
  • Ranged Enemy (Flying Soldier with shooting ability).
  • Summoner Enemy (Wizard Soldier who can summon small/weak enemies).
  • Spawned Enemy (small/weak Soldier summoned by Summoner).
  • Boss Enemy (The All-Powerful-Boss).


Weapons & PowerUps:

Types of weapons & power-ups currently available in "Ghost Buster" are

  • Weapons
    • Magic Wand (Speed: Low, Range: Low, Damage: Low).
    • Thunder Sword (Speed: Fast, Range: Normal, Damage: Low).
    • Flaming Sword (Speed: Slow, Range: High, Damage: Normal).
    • Magic Wand (Speed: Slow, Range: High, Damage: High).
  • Power-Ups
    • Health Power-Up
      • use this to boost your health


The game is built using Unity 2021 & C#.


Project Info:

Project Landing Page Link: (

Support Email: <>


Developer Contact Info:

Portfolio: ( | (<https:"" ahsan=""></https:>

Email: <> | <>

Mobile/WhatsApp: <+923046619706>

Zaions (aoneahsan)
Release date Apr 30, 2022
Rated 4.0 out of 5 stars
(1 total ratings)
AuthorAhsan Mahmood
GenreAction, Adventure, Shooter, Survival
Made withAdobe Photoshop, Unity, Audacity
Tags2D, Action-Adventure, Cute, Short, Singleplayer, Unity
Code licenseMIT License
Average sessionAbout an hour
InputsKeyboard, Mouse

Development log


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I dont mean to be rude, but isnt this just the blackthornprod unity course? I mean, it's the exact same thing, down to the art.

yes, I developed it while completing that course.

ok, thanks

This was awesome. I love the presentation and how smooth it is to play.

thanks for the kind reply.

Great submission! I really liked that the combat was very responsive and your particle effects for the enemies' death was really nice. I agree with the other commenter that an indicator until the boss fight would be nice. Or maybe a wave count.

I think I may have came across a bug as well. I got to a point where no new waves loaded in. Maybe that was when the boss was supposed to come in but didn't? Either way, great work, man! Congrats on finishing the jam!

thanks, i will try that, and see what's the issue (why the boss enemy did not appear)

Deleted 1 year ago

Thanks a lot, that really means a lot.

 I will take these points into account and will modify the game accordingly. I will add a comment to you again once I update the game.

once again, Thanks a lot :)

its fine lol all I did was complain hehe. anyways my "games" are a lot worse lol


don't worry, when it comes to worse games, nobody has beaten me yet (hahaha... :)

(and thanks for the kind reply).