Tile Vania - 2d Unity Game Developed by Ahsan Mahmood (aoneahsan) - Zaions

2d Game Developed using Unity 2021, added a new unity input system, animations, sound, score system, lives system, enemies, and more.

I developed a fully functional 2d tile vania unity game in this project.

Here are some of the features covered in this project

  • A complete functional game
  • Tile Map Design
  • 1 player
  • Fun game experience

For any suggestion or feedback please reach out to us at <support@zaions.com> or visit us at Zaions<https://zaions.com>.

To visit the developer portfolio please visit <https://zaions.com/ahsan> | or for the developer's LinkedIn profile please visit <https://zaions.com/ahsan-in>.

Or to have a look at my other projects please have a look at <https://zaions.com/ahsan-work>.

The rest of the contact info is available on the portfolio website and LinkedIn profile (and also here on this website's profile page).

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